Embracing Food Freedom Amidst Chaos

Let’s talk about food freedom. For me, the past couple weeks have felt a bit like vacation eating, and I get it. Part of it is making the most of this time at home, making date nights special, filling activities with baking, or honestly just because I WANT TO FEEL GOOD.

I know everyone has said emotional eating is bad, but to me, it’s essential. FOOD IS ALWAYS EMOTIONAL. We are human; allowing food to evoke emotion allows us to feel connection with the people we’re sharing it with, creates significant memories and can elevate the meal tenfold.

Friends, it’s not WHAT you eat, it’s HOW you eat. Yes, obviously for those on a special diet for health or weight loss I hear you loud and clear, “It does matter what I eat!” Well, your meal could be the healthiest in the world, but if you’re stressed while eating it you’re never going to reach those goals.

If you’re obsessing over what and how much to eat, cramming food into your mouth while your kids are in the other room, or obsessively checking your stomach after you’ve binged, (I know because I’ve been there) then you’re stuck in a shame and stress cycle. One step you can take right now to lessen the stress and begin embracing a more positive relationship with food, is to simply breathe and make it PLEASURABLE.

  • can you plate your food on something beautiful?
  • can you sit down in a comfortable position?
  • can you put on music or light a candle?
  • can you take deep breathes and express gratitude?
  • can you take 5 extra minutes to eat your meal? Taking mental notes of how good it tastes, how luxurious it feels to eat this way, it sounds so sexy just reading it right?


When you embrace pleasure and time, you change the experience. Your body switches over to the parasympathetic response; you relax, digestion turns on, essential enzymes are secreted and you’re able digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients and burn calories optimally.


Now may not be the time to get on that diet, but rather relax into the current diet your body is craving or needing. Let your food tell a story and let your body guide the way.

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