More than Just Food

I was asked yesterday how sourdough feeds not just my body, but my mind and soul.

For me, it has been a spiritual process all along. When first committing to a journey of food freedom, I chose something I knew required nurturing. Sourdough starter requires daily attention, dough requires time and presence, shaping requires strength but also gentleness, and the hours before baking require pause for questions, feedback and building your intuition. 

There’s a lot of faith and grace required in baking sourdough, much like the faith and grace that was needed in my life. Taking part in a 5,000 year-old practice, invites us to tap in to the ancient wisdom of the collective. We’re asked to slow down, trust ourselves, and claim time for ourselves.

We create something so beautiful out of practically nothing, and we break bread with each other, share with a neighbor or store for a rainy day when we need some warmth and nourishment. This practice has the power to help us heal, slow down, invite our kids or loved ones in, to connect, to listen, to pause, to lessen the noise, to help us find magic in the mundane, and most importantly, to let our food tell a story. When we create space for it, we inevitably create space for ourselves. And then, it’s more than just food.

How is sourdough soul-giving for you?

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