Sourdough Sisterhood Workshops

The most significant realization baking sourdough has given me, is how much connection comes from it. When I began sharing my bakes a few years back, people would ask questions and I would gladly help them with tips and tricks, then we would celebrate each other and basque in the beauty of this crazy, virtual world. Then my girl friend Laura, who's sourdough journey began a year ago with a piece of my beloved Sage, came up with this fantastic idea of hosting virtual sourdough workshops. (Her einkorn sourdough by the way is stunning!) In a two hour virtual hang, we'll cover all the basics of sourdough and you'll end with a loaf that will ferment and rise over night and ready to be proofed and baked in the morning. 

What we cover : 

  • What is Sourdough? 
  • Measuring and mixing your dough
  • Taking care of your starter
  • Folding and shaping your dough
  • Proofing
  • Scoring 
  • Baking

What you need:

  • your own starter
  • flour, water, salt (standing mixer not required)
  • food scale
  • large bowl, proofing basket or bowl with a tea towel
  • A favorite beverage to sip among friends
  • What you'll wrap with:
  • dough ready to proof overnight with experience now having been walked through shaping, second proofing, and baking. Plus, connection, laughter, and a little extra joy. You'll also gain access to some wonderful resources from both Laura and I, along with free access to Laura's sourdough sisterhood ebook when it launches in the next couple months!

No starter yet? You can purchase yours here! 

My favorite part? We open the conversation up to questions, personal stories and just connect over the beautiful art of sourdough.  You'll also gain instant access to our Sourdough Sisterhood Workshop Facebook Group, where we all share our baked loaves together the next morning. The page is full of fellow workshop bakers, all sharing questions, pictures, recipes, tips and tricks and essentially, breaking bread together. How great is that? 

This workshop is ideal for beginners, but all levels are welcome. All we ask is that you come with an open heart! To sign up please register via the link below!

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