About Us

Sunshine and Sage was born from a woman who wanted to share food freedom, connection, creativity and empowerment through sourdough. Ashley lives in Colorado with her husband, Taylor and their 2 year old, wild, ray of sunshine, Foxen. Ashley runs Sunshine and Sage from home; safely selling organic sourdough starter, hosting workshops and offering simple recipes straight from her family recipe book. 

Sunshine and Sage carries the mission that is founded in the true representation of sourdough; creating something beautiful out of something so completely simple. This way of eating is a way of life for us. When you strip away the complicated, the messy, and the piles of unnecessary distractions, you make room for the simple, and the good, and you begin to see the magic in the mundane and just how great living in the margins can be. We strive to inspire a real, deep connection with your food so that you feel the nourishment in every bake, and the warmth of every connection made from breaking bread with the people you love. 

One day, we hope to open up our farm for you to visit; to feel safe, seen and heard, to mosey around with your family and break bread together. For now, it's our absolute pleasure to share our organic, sourdough starter with you. 

We are so happy you're here.

About Ashley

Ashley holds a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, as well as a Mind and Body Nutrition Certificate from the Eating Psychology Institute. She has been sharing body positivity and intuitive eating ever since embracing her own food and body struggles. She began baking sourdough 5 years ago after becoming curious and inspired by the health benefits. After checking out her first sourdough cook book from the library, she was hooked and has been baking for friends and family, sharing recipes and musings ever since.